Conditions Treated

UCPC specializes in high-quality, compassionate, and convenient veterinary care when your regular veterinarian is closed or unavailable for a same-day appointment.

Conditions Treated

When illness or injury can strike your pet at any time, it’s important to know who can help. If you're looking for a veterinarian near you that can treat urgent pet conditions, our team at Urgent Care Pet Clinic in San Diego, CA, can help you and your pet get the services you need.

conditions treated

Urgent Pet Health Issues We Treat

Here are some of the potentially urgent conditions we can treat:

Ear Infections

Ear infections are common in pets, especially dogs. If your dog has redness or swelling around the canal or he is pawing at his ears, he may need timely antibiotics to treat the problem.

Toxic Ingestion

Pets will try to eat just about anything. Whether your dog got into your kid’s chocolate stash or your cat has eaten the wrong plant, we can help your pet get the treatment he needs.


Pet dehydration can occur due to many different causes, such as a pet not having enough water in his body to handle the longer walks or hikes. If your pet is experiencing extreme lethargy or vomiting, he may need veterinary care to stave off the immediate dangers of dehydration.

Insect Bites

Ticks, bees, and spiders can strike at any time, and you may not always know if your pet is allergic until it happens. If your pet is having a bad reaction, we can help your pet recover.

Wounds and Fractures

Injured pets, whether from an animal fight or a car crash, need medical care to reduce the odds of infection. We’re here to help patch up your pet up or put him in a cast so he can start to heal.

Foreign Objects

If your pet swallows a foreign object, such as a toy or clothing item, it can damage his internal organs. The good news is an emergency vet on our team is here to map out the best way to treat your pet safely.

Get Urgent Care and Emergency Vet Care from a Veterinarian Near You for Urgent Pet Conditions and Urgent Pet Health Issues

At Urgent Care Pet Clinic in San Diego, CA, you'll find an emergency vet that can help you treat common pet health issues. Whether it's fractures or severe vomiting, we help you find the best solutions. Call us at (858) 379-6550 for urgent care and emergency vet care from a veterinarian near you for toxic ingestion and more.

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